UE Ranger Neuro Series Specifications

3 Custom Molded Interchangeable Supports

These interchangeable supports were designed to support the progressive and varied needs of either the left or the right most involved upper extremity. Each support utilizes the same quick release pin making it easy to change from one support to another. Each support has a neoprene strap with velcro attachments designed to comfortably support and secure the involved hand or forearm.

Closed Hand Support with Adjustable Multi-Plane Fixed Joint

Designed to accommodate a variety of handgrip capabilities and can be mechanically positioned in many different alignments. The versatility of this support allows for a multitude of movements and exercises to be performed. Rotate the support to find the most therapeutic and accommodating position. The involved hand can be placed around the middle or on top of the hand support. To improve grip stability use the grip assist strap to secure the hand or simply use the less involved hand. This support may be beneficial for individuals with hand contracture that may have difficulty maintaining position on the open hand support.

Forearm Support with Adjustable Multi-Plane Fixed Joint

Designed to offer a generalized weight bearing support of the upper extremity while allowing functional hand use. The upper extremity can be positioned in a multitude of alignments given the therapeutic goal. This support is beneficial when more stability and support is needed. This support is also useful for more independent hand and wrist functional tasks when proximal weakness is present.

Open Hand Support with Multi-Plane Articulating Joint

Designed to support the natural fluid motion of each joint of the upper extremity (shoulder girdle, elbow, forearm, and wrist) during open and closed chain kinetic functional applications. This support is helpful for those individuals that need less upper extremity support. Advanced multi joint movements of varying difficulties can be utilized with this support as the individual progresses. This support can also be used for targeted wrist and forearm exercises.

Telescopic Tubing with Adjusting Locking Collars

Designed to support multiple user applications with consideration of all healing stages, skill levels, and joint mobility. This telescoping tube allows the user to adjust the height to be used in multiple positions, therefore offering optimal therapeutic influences whether seated, standing or lying.

Less-Involved Hand Support

Designed to support the guidance and force produced by the less-involved upper extremity in multiple open chain kinetic functional applications.

Weight-Bearing Detachable Base Plates with Skid Resistant Rubber Pad

Designed to support the natural movements of each upper extremity joint during closed kinetic chain functional applications. The larger base plate has a semi rigid joint that is useful when more positional stability is needed. The smaller base plate has a flexible multi-plane articulating joint that allows greater movement when less stability is needed.

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