Arm & Shoulder Rehab

Inherent to all injuries or occurrences of living with pain is our body’s ability to compensate, either to avoid further pain or to be able to accomplish what we need to do despite pain. Unfortunately such compensations often become established as unhealthy patterns of movement without recognition of their long term consequences to our general health.

The UE Ranger was specifically designed with healing motion in mind. By supporting fluid mobility, without the strains of natural impedances such as gravity, weakness and fear, one is able to therapeutically influence the portions of their body actually in need of healing.

For professionals and patients, an evidence based continuum of care is provided by the UE Ranger beginning with the essential foundations of healing. This includes protecting the surgical repair, decreasing pain and inflammation, restoring mobility, and deterring muscular atrophy through multi plane self-assisted passive range of motion (PROM).

For a more detailed explanation of recovery with the UE Ranger, click here to view this video.

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Seamlessly build on your now well healed stable foundation by naturally integrating neuromuscular re-education exercises. The NEW UE Ranger Natural Flex supports a graded progression of active assisted motions (AAROM) that weakened tissues can respond and adapt to versus triggering the reflexive compensation patterns. This capacity to provide such specific therapeutic influences is the secret to the UE Ranger Natural Flex’s ability to achieve superior outcomes.

In restoring health to motion, subtleties matter. The UE Ranger’s open and articulating hand support provides favorable conditions to nurture coordinated motor recoveries absent the substitutions inherent to devices requiring gripping.

For a more detailed explanation of the active assisted phase of recovery  with the UE Ranger Natural Flex, click here to view this video.

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"For me the UE Ranger was an invaluable aid in recovering from surgery to repair a severe rotator cuff tear. The Ranger initially provided support to start movement that otherwise would not have been possible without considerable pain and possible damage to the surgical repair. This early movement gave me a sense of empowerment that was highly beneficial throughout the ongoing recovery and rehab period. As treatment has progressed, the wide versatility of the Ranger has made it an excellent tool for continued rebuilding and strengthening. The Ranger is like having a therapist assisting me at home."

Robert K., Patient

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