The UE Ranger Neuro Series was therapeutically designed with healing motion in mind. Matching the versatility of arm motion while unweighting the forces of nature, the UE Ranger Neuro Series meets each individual at their personal impairment level and is capable of imparting both sensitive and meaningful impressions towards the healing of one's arm motion. More specifically the UE Ranger Neuro Series can assist with Joint range of motion, strengthening, pain reduction, trunk control, contracture prevention, balance, movement control, spasticity management, sensory stimulation, weight bearing, coordination, and functional mobility practice, including gait.

Each individual’s road to recovery has so many personally unique obstacles to overcome and survivors need to be an active participant in endless amounts of repetitive practice of movements. The UE Ranger Neuro Series is an ideal solution to support massed practice efforts as it permits the individual to perform exercises as instructed by their therapist throughout the day. This safe home program greatly assists the mobility and comfort of the arm by frequent gentle exercise sessions. Adding the UE Ranger Neuro Series to the routine of daily exercise and functional use can help to improve recovery following a stroke or other neurologically related impairments.

Shoulder pain can be associated with adhesions that build up in the capsule of the shoulder. To help prevent this it is important to stretch but also to move the joint through its full range of motion. The UE Ranger Neuro Series allows individuals to passively accomplish this task on their own as often as possible.

With sights on restoring greater independence to one’s personal life, the UE Ranger Neuro Series provides further opportunity for recovery of higher level coordination and strength requirements.

Matching the natural movement relations of the human body, the UE Ranger Neuro Series provides endless opportunities to influence one’s personal quest to restore one’s movement health and associated well-being.

"Years of regular PT/OT have gotten me a range of about 90-120 degrees with my arm and shoulder. Yesterday, I "grabbed" cones off of a shelf above my head using my stroked arm! Do you hear me? Less than a month of stretching and exercises using the UE Ranger and I lifted my stroked arm above my head. I barely held tears in. For neuro rehab, which has been as slow as watching snot freeze, it blew me away to see such incredible results in my range of motion and strength in such a short time compared to the fight I have had thus far for just a few degrees! Oh I wish I had been introduced to the UE ranger right after my strokes. I honestly can't imagine where I would be now if I had. This is a tool that every survivor needs. It provides a stretch that I previously only got when a therapist would stretch my arm. In the world of PT equipment and all the junk we accumulate in an attempt to gain back what we had, this is one investment that will prove that you can continue to improve if you use it with commitment."

Kendra Drummond

"Using the UE Ranger with my stroke and brain injury patients I am able to facilitate alignment and engage my patients UE from low level weight bearing to high level functional use, allowing for arm on body movement and graded control."

Debra S Ouellette, MS, OTR/L, BCPR, SCLV

"As a neurologically based occupational therapist, gravity is my enemy. It is so difficult for me to assist my patients in moving in different planes with minimizing the impact of gravity. The UE Ranger has assisted in overcoming this battle. The flexibility of the joints and open hand position allow my clients more degrees of freedom in movement and allow them the opportunity to learn how to self correct. Not only is the UE Ranger a key tool in the clinic, it is an option for home use as well. I have seen many upper extremity ROM tools and the value in the UE Ranger is not matched"

Michelle Mioduszewski, MS, OTR/L

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