Stroke & Spinal Cord Injury Rehab

Neurological conditions due to the ramifications of a stroke can lead to significant and lasting impairments in the normal function of the arm and shoulder. The ability to reach for and manipulate objects is negatively impacted by neurological changes to the musculature of the arm and other postural foundations. Movement and use of the affected arm is crucial. If movement is ignored the neurons in the portion of the brain representing that movement will get smaller or “prune”. For a survivor to overcome movement problems they must work to rewire their brain through repeated movement that continues to challenge the limits of their ability. Research is showing that the best way to recover from a stroke is through frequent, repetitive and meaningful motion of the affected arm as early as possible. The UE Ranger accommodates this critical aspect of restoring one’s functional use of their arm by facilitating motion while compensating for weakness in the hemiplegic arm. This tool can promote motion and muscular re-training opportunities for the shoulder, elbow and wrist by facilitating either open or closed-chain exercises while also minimizing the effects of gravity by unweighting the arm.

With sights on restoring greater independence to one’s personal life, the UE Ranger provides further opportunity for recovery of higher level coordination and strength requirements. The base of the UE Ranger can be placed in the wall or door mount to facilitate motions against gravity. Matching the natural movement relations of the human body, the UE Ranger provides endless opportunities to influence one’s personal quest to restore one’s movement health and associated well-being.

Shoulder pain can be associated with adhesions that build up in the capsule of the shoulder. To help prevent this it is important to stretch but also to move the joint through its full range of motion. The UE Ranger allows survivors to passively accomplish this task on their own as often as possible.

Each individual’s road to recovery has so many personally unique obstacles to overcome and survivors need to be an active participant in endless amounts of repetitive practice of movements. The UE Ranger is an ideal solution to support massed practice efforts as it permits the survivor to perform exercises as instructed by their therapist throughout the day. This safe home program greatly assists the mobility and comfort of the arm by frequent gentle exercise sessions. Adding the UE Ranger to the routine of daily exercise and functional use can help to improve recovery following a stroke or other neurologically related impairments.

"As a neurologically based occupational therapist, gravity is my enemy. It is so difficult for me to assist my patients in moving in different planes with minimizing the impact of gravity. The UE Ranger has assisted in overcoming this battle. The flexibility of the joints and open hand position allow my clients more degrees of freedom in movement and allow them the opportunity to learn how to self correct. Not only is the UE Ranger a key tool in the clinic, it is an option for home use as well. I have seen many upper extremity ROM tools and the value in the UE Ranger is not matched"

Michelle Mioduszewski, MS, OTR/L

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