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A multipurpose approach to restoring healthy movement.

We are all searching for a better quality of life, especially when it comes to our health. The reality of rehabilitation after an injury or surgery can take time away from the things you like to do most.

Rehab Innovations has developed a solution to speed up the rehabilitation process and get you back to activities you love the most. We are not promising the fountain of youth, but we are promising natural fluid movements to guide you on your road to recovery.

Rehab Reimagined!

Help your patients recover faster.

The UE Ranger Movement Health System was specifically designed for rehab professionals and their patients recovering from physical impairments such as pain, neuro-muscular weakness, decreased range of motion, and the resultant pathomechanics associated with such impedances to healthy coordinated movement patterns.

"I love the UE Ranger! I bought one, and have three patients that now own one. It is the only thing that allowed them to exercise, without irritating their shoulder. Wonderful for total shoulders and severely torn Rotator cuffs. I would use it with any post op situation. Do not know what I did without it!"

Sandra Johnson Pomeroy, PT

Arm & Shoulder

Experience optimal recovery results within the rehabilitation of post surgical rotator cuff and labrum repairs, total shoulder replacement, chronic pain resolution, frozen shoulder, or wrist, elbow and shoulder fractures. The UE Ranger meets you at your personal impairment level in a manner compatible with the physical requirements associated with fully healing and restoring your movement health.

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Stroke & Spinal Cord Injury

Recovering from a stroke, CVA, spinal cord or traumatic brain injury is not easy and more rehabilitation often equals more recovery. The UE Ranger is therapeutically diverse and offers many rehabilitation solutions to explore. Empower yourself to achieve your recovery goals.

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